City of Fremont Hills, MO COVID-19 Updates

Updated: 4/9/20

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Letter from the Board of Aldermen

Dear Citizens,

On March 19, 2020 the Christian County Commission held a meeting to discuss the public health emergency surrounding COVID-19. As you may be aware, the Center for Disease Control, in conjunction with the office of the President of the United States, issued guidelines to encourage the public to avoid social gatherings in groups of more than ten people. In consideration of this guidance, the Christian County Commission declared it to be unlawful to gather in groups of 10 people or more, and declared it unlawful for any person to organize or attend a gathering of ten people or more in  a single space (subject to certain exceptions).

In consideration of this Order, the Board of Alderman of the City of Fremont Hills has determined the City will not promote the annual garage sale traditionally held within the City on the last Saturday of April. At a later date, the Board may designate and market another date for this annual event. Citizens of the City who choose to hold events at their homes including, but not limited to, club meetings, garage sales or other sales, or any other assembly should be mindful of the Order of the Christian County Commission. Please take a moment to review the entire text of the Christian County order in the attached document.

The City of Fremont Hills has always been a close community where citizens extend a helping hand to their neighbors. Please continue to act in the best spirit of our community during this globally trying time. Please do not hesitate to contact us if our assistance is needed.

Mayor and Aldermen, City of Fremont Hills


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