Annual Fremont Hills Annual Garage Sale

Fremont Hills Annual Citywide Garage Sale

NOTICE:  2020 Garage Sale Cancelled

Next Garage Sale Date:  April, 23rd & 24th, 2021.

The Fremont Hills citywide garage sale on the Calendar!

Friday & Saturday, April 23rd & 24th, 2021

7 AM to —     (Rain or Shine)

For Visitors:

All are welcome to attend the Fremont Hills Citywide Garage Sale 2021.  Discover and claim your new items from many participating garages!

For Fremont Hills City Residents:

Our ordinance provides residents the opportunity to have a two-day sale (but you do not have to participate both days), and the ordinance provides for two sales per calendar year.  Sales can only be held on Friday and/or Saturday, and cannot be held on consecutive weekends.  If you participate in the citywide sale, this will count as one of your two annual sales.

       Time:  7 AM to your choice of closing time      (Rain or Shine)

       Fee:  There is no fee to participate.  Residents may advertise on their own.  The City of Fremont Hills will place signage at the entrances (noting our upcoming sale) and advertise on our website, Next door, and other free social media avenues.

       Security:  Since a majority of residents will participate only on Saturday, we will have the officers who provide security patrol for the City monitoring traffic from 6:45 AM to 10:45 AM on Saturday, only. Please report anything suspicious to appropriate law enforcement personnel.

       Leftovers:   Since there are so many worthy charities to donate your garage sale leftovers to, no arrangements will be made for a citywide pickup by one charity, multiple charities will benefit from these items.

Start cleaning our your closets!

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