Fremont Hills Fiber Project

Interested in CHEAPER, FASTER, & BETTER Internet Speed? Let us know you are interested!

The City of Fremont Hills has formed a sub-committee to research a possible Fiber to the Router Project in coordination with Net Vision. Net Vision has created a website, to gauge resident interest. Providing your information does not obligate you to anything and your personal data will not be shared or sold. The City has to show interest in order to begin the steps in bringing CHEAPER, FASTER and BETTER internet to Fremont Hills.

Letter from Mayor Luke Davis

Message from Ward 2 Alderman Kerry Nelson

We have all had internet problems from time to time and for me, most of today! Currently, we have limited options (Suddenlink and AT&T primarily) and the City Council is trying to expand this. We have been in discussion with a company called Net Vision to bring high speed fiber services to the city. With the right number of users in the city, there is also the potential to deliver this cheaper than what we are currently paying.

In the next few weeks you will be receiving communications from Net Vision as well as from the City. Please take the time to review the information. Also, please respond with your comments and questions. Ideally, everyone will respond to Net Vision know if they are interested in services. This can be done via email or comments in a website that has been created specifically for this project (  

We used a very similar process to what we are doing with Net Vision when we brought natural gas to the city. That has been a great addition to residents.

Again, please keep your eyes and ears open for emails, door hangers, signs and messages from other media platforms.

Let us know your questions

Feel free to get in touch with your Ward Alderman or email us at We expect there to be quite a few questions and we will do our best to inform and reply in a timely manner.

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